Holiday Spirit

Dec 5, 2012

Here it is December and Christmas is just around the corner (if the TV is to be believed) and that means it’s time to think about what I should get for family and friends so they realize that all the friendship and love I sent their way through the year is real. For some time now I have given away little robots that I built; nothing special, just tracked or rolling object avoiders which people tell me are ‘cute.’ But this year due to circumstances beyond my control, my workshop is closed for remodeling. So it’s either spending money to buy about thirty of Chris’ mini tracked Rocket Brand robots and go on an assembly binge, or I’m going to have to figure something else out.

The question is, what should I do? Since I have a reputation to uphold as a resident family electronics wizard, I can’t resort to ties or socks without leaving people feeling like I have let them down. I suppose I could send everyone a pair of needle nose pliers, a handful of LEDs and some shards of wire and tell them it’s a clock kit. They’d never actually set out to assemble it so they’d never know the difference. But that seems a little underhanded.

Considering that I have somewhere around 300 different robots that I’ve built, bought or been given, I guess I could just take a tenth of them and stick shipping labels on them. But again, that doesn’t really appeal to me. The way I see it, I haven’t given them away yet so I must feel some kind of connection to them that would make me sad if I parted with them.

I think the best idea would be to simply send absolutely nothing and then give each of them a call on Christmas, feigning that I don’t know what day it is and just happened to call them because I was thinking about them lovingly. They would realize that Christmas merely slipped my mind, which is a forgivable sleight for a resident genius. We’re expected to be so wrapped up in our genius thoughts that something as minimal as a holiday could slip our minds.

Yeah, I think that’s the solution. It’s economical, passes good cheer and prevents everyone from thinking I forgot about them –in spite of the fact that they forget about me. Come to think of it, none of these people has given me anything for Christmas that I recall. So yeah, screw ‘em.


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