My Robosapien V1 Dance Troupe: Synchronicity on Batteries

I like little robots. I guess I have for quite some time. I grew up cutting my teeth on Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clark  and the other early writers of science fiction. Perhaps this is what caused me to become an engineer dabbling in radio and electronics and making a career out of systems integration and and large scale networking. I knew there was a world of electronic devices just waiting for discovery to propel me into a universe of technological convenience and amusement. Obviously, robots play a large part in the techno-utopia of my imaginings.

As a child I was given many robots as birthday and Christmas gifts. My favorite was one of the first imports from Japan; a two foot tall red on blue fellow that shot plastic missiles from wrist launcher and a trap door in his head. I ended up destroying it when I added a flame thrower cobbled from a tiny plumbers torch; it met its end shortly after as a black smoke belching, flaming pool of styrene that caused a neighbor to call the fire department. None of my robots survived me because I always took them apart. Some I failed to reassemble and others were put back together but never quite the same. I suspect by now at least some of the plastic entities have been reincarnated into the wiper switch knob on a pickup truck somewhere.

When I retired I found myself with untold amounts of time on my hands and decided to go back to performing ‘speriments on defenseless toys. But please relax; no electrons were harmed in any of the endeavors unfolded here. We cooperate closely with the ASPCE (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Electrons) and adhere unswervingly to their tenets.

So here is my blog. I can’t guarantee that I will talk about only robots, in fact, you never know for sure what I’ll talk about. But some may find it interesting. If it’s not you, hey! No worries, mate.¬† There are hoards of websites out there for you to go see.