Celebrity Robots

Jan 15, 2011

I mean, really. Look at all of the crap on TV and in magazines about and by people of celebrity. Sure, celebrity actors and actresses can show some real talent by being able to fake emotions and remember lines and some of them even look good. But there are a lot of people on this planet with a lot of mad skills –skills that beat the snot outta even the best performer but we don’t give a rat’s ass about their opinion outside of their area of expertise. So why is it that we glorify some people while ignoring others?  All these people wringing their hands that Mel Gibson said this or Robert Downey said that, and why? I mean, why does anyone care?

Modern technology to the rescue! With the way computer generated graphics is coming along, soon we will be computer generating our performing celebrities and will we still listen to them when they tell us who to vote for, what car to drive and what yogurt we eat so we can crap with regularity? People in California lining up to vote them into political office or some shit. I can see it now.  But it will be a salvation and a necessary one, unlike the salvation we get from the government when all of our banks run off with our money and so they sell our means of production to the Chinese. Yeah, yeah. That’s an encapsulation but so what? It’s true.

What if everything ran by computer? I mean, there have been lots of stuff written and filmed about it, but we always seem to vilify the computers, creating imaginary SkyNets that rise up and take over the world. Come to think of it, the most famous starred one of the actors turned governor; perhaps we’re looking at a conspiracy here. But I mean, we always cast the computer as the bad guy when the likelihood is that a digital government wouldn’t tolerate creative accounting or favoritism unless it was programmed in. Of course, we’d probably do that too.

As it is we’re running hell bent for leather to make androids like in I-Robot (starring Will Smith as a partial robot) that will serve our every need. Sony is putting up billions and zillions of dollars to develop Assimo, a semi-functional automaton that always looks like it’s fighting a severe case of hemorrhoids.  They know where the money is and that we’ll all pay money up the ass for our own mechanical slave, especially if it happens to be open minded and anatomically correct.  Jesus.

Is this making any sense? No? Whatever.

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